Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Work in Progress

This is a work in progress - oil on wood panel. You can see a closeup of the airship here: here

The airship within is done from an earlier engraving; I wanted to see how "the Sabiku" would look in something other than straight lineart, and I am glad I decided to do so. I have come to really like this piece.

It has taken me a while to do; An extended winter (and the resulting lack of ventilation), made me lean on the acrylics for quite a while, and I found that when I returned to oil panting I had developed a lot of habits and methods that were not oil-friendly.

Not that I am nearing the finish line, everything is finally coming together, I think I have at least some of my technique back.

If you have seen my art over the past year, you might say to yourself: "Wow - he really loves airships"...

Though I do love working in this strange fiction/science fiction/fantasy vein, and though the airships do make for a good mode by which to explore these worlds and a decent centerpiece - it was not my intention at first to do so many of them.

I often realized that my subject matter, styles, media and the like were all over the place: I might work digital one day, paints another, an engraving on another day, a sculpture, a wooden box, some brass trinket - one week would be horror pieces, another would be figurative art, another would be monsters, another devices - and my styles varied in more ways than media or subject matter.

This may sound interesting to some... but galleries however like unified themes when it comes to shows, and so do publishers.

Most anyone who saw a collection of my past work, had none of it been signed, would think it was a collection from at least twenty different artists... which I suppose, in some fashion or another I am... though I am not nearly as fragmented as I was several years ago.

And since I had a number of people writing me, wondering if I could do a commissioned painting of an airship in similar style to the one that started this all off, I decided, spur of the moment, that selling those commissions would be a good way to make it home for a family emergency - they all sold within an hour or two of putting them up, and I have been working on them ever since.

Having an anticipated collection and theme laid out for me is nice, because forces me to stay somewhat on target, but it also forces me to use my imagination and improvise in ways other than technique, media, style, theme, message...

It has been interesting - but I'll be glad when the last of these are done.

BTW - If you like this one as it is, I made 10 prints, because Beth likes this one as it is. There will only be 10 - I suppose that makes them very limited. The rest will be based on the finished piece. I don't want them around by the time the piece is finished, so I am also pricing these 10x10 signed metallic prints at $22 - and to add, their shipping is free with the purchase of any other item in our store.

You can grab one over on our Etsy Store.