Monday, December 7, 2009

Preview: Surreal Desert Landscape Airship Painting

Work on this piece is finally winding down. I am hoping to have this one done, imaged and shipped off by December 21st if at all possible. I would *really* have liked to have had giclees of this one ready before holiday season came around, but it was just not going to work out that way.

I have a book cover illustration (for a favorite author) to wrap up by early January (which will be yet another addition to the airships series), and a holiday trip to visit family to squeeze in there as well - so I am working away until the late hours of the morning on this, in between all the shipping duties and other such things.

Anyway, here are the latest preview shots of the upcoming painting. Clicking on any of these will take you to my flickr account where you can view larger images.

sphynx and airship shown in panned out view.
Painting of baskets and ropes has begun.

closeup view of baskets on underbelly.

Closeup view of the gondola.
The lanterns within the archway are about
the size of the eye of a needle.

panned out view of the gondola