Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A glimpse

This is a rather unique print, printed at 12x12 instead of 24x24 - If it hasn't sold, it is available here

It is the proof from the printers, one of four artist's prints. Two are this size, two are normal size.

It is also, were I to put preferred darkness and saturation on a percentage, at about 98% perfect - slightly lighter than I want the prints to be, but pretty much unnoticeably so.

These test prints are all a part of the process, and I am told that these slightly different from the others, being a part of my working process, are probably worth more to some people.

This is my first time stretching and mounting one of these prints on my own. I hand made the stretcher bars that hold it, though I could probably have picked up 12 inch stretcher bars for 79 cents a piece - it was late night, and I rather like making things by hand anyway when I can.

I am trying things like these, because right now, my markup is really low and I still feel guilty for not being able to make things more affordable for those who like my work.

So, I am trying new ways to cut costs: Stretching and mounting these through hobby lobby or someplace similar saves money (hence the price cuts over the past month). Not only did the printers charge me a good deal for the stretching and mounting, but the shipping gets really expensive when shipping a box that is 40-some inches by 20-some by 3.

Stretching them myself saves a little more still, which allowed me to reduce prices again this last week - and I went one further by offering unstretched prints on our etsy store for "The Rescue". That way people can purchase these for less, and - rather than paying $30+ for shipping, can pay $6 for shipping, and $24 at hobby lobby for stretching, or $8 to stretch it themselves.

If such proves to be popular, I will probably do the same for every giclee.


  1. That is a really cool print. Good luck finding ways to make them more affordable, I don't know how its all done :)