Saturday, December 20, 2008

Coming Changes, Features, and Additions

I recently did a new design for my girlfriend, Bethalynne Bajema at

She is still adding items to the store, but, like this site, most anyone who does not get their internet through a can and a piece of string can easily subscribe to rss feeds for posts, comments, and new products added.

I highly recommend going there and clicking that link, while it is fresh in your mind.

On that note, I am thinking it is time for me to swap this site out with something new; It will encourage me to get those parts of the site done which I have neglected over the past year - bios, portfolios, resumes, publishing lists and the sort.

And though most every art or creative entertainment site on the internet, especially those of my genre(s), are typically pretty dark in color schemes - I am thinking I might switch over to a lighter color scheme.

I get a lot of good input on this incarnation of site, and see a lot of people say a lot of good things, to me and to others; I do however know it is not perfect... nothing ever is.

There will always be that guy who accesses the net on an atari 2600 modified to run some obscure OS, using a browser that is "better than all the rest" because it chokes on everything, shaking his fist because 8 billion people on the internet aren't writing code that is compatible... completely clueless as to which person in that equation is the fool.

I haven't done the terribly bad things; I don't use frames, iframes, and tables. I don't make huge annoying flash-dependent mystery meat navigation websites where in order to navigate to the contact page, you have to slide gigeresque artifacts about, in search of the chicken with the shortest mustache and the biggest hat - who of course has the key to activate the proper animated page transition.

The latter, not because I don't think it would be fun; I avoid this because I like modern things like rss feeds, and crazy things like people being able to find things without having to load a movie with an introduction, five intermissions, a featurette,and credits - just to make a simple purchase.

The size however, is a problem. I kept it at 800 wide for as long as I could, for those people who were ten years behind the rest of the internet and still using such low resolutions. The problem is, it restricts me from showing images inline at larger sizes. I need to use thickbox for that... Those 5% of the internet who are unaware that the internet now uses a lot of java, especially with the advent of AJAX, are simply directed to the image itself. I'll probably continue to use thickbox, but will need to use it for a lot less things.

I also feel the lighter color schemes will better showcase my upcoming artwork.

These changes are things I have been considering for a while, which have been blocked by my accursed popularity over the past year or so. The changes are not for the sake of "Mr. Lonely Mcwhimperpants", an anonymous someone who I imagine has nothing better to do than to repeatedly write me to voice his dislike for my site, though he apparently has no idea what he does not like. He only knows that the mere thought of my site not being designed specifically for him, makes him curl up in a fetal position and wet his official Justin Timberlaketm panties whenever he compulsively visits it... time and time again.

I will actually have to find some way to switch to a lighter scheme, while still using colors that traumatize his fragile mind as easily as those colors I currently use; It would be wrong of me to take away his futile attempts at getting the internet to conform to whatever he likes to pretend is a browser, because everyone needs *some* reason to live - even those who probably shouldn't.

Stay tuned, don't close that browser! The new artwork for Vernian Process will be released in Late January. The new children's book should have a preview up by February.

There will be a lot of art in between as well, some new assemblages, and of course I will continue to point you towards weird, insane, dumb, and interesting things whenever I am goofing off.

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