Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gothic Art Now

There is now a preview available.

Not having seen it before publication, I must admit, I was slightly concerned about what caliber artists I might find myself mixed in with, other than Brom. Brom, Bajema, and Santerineross are why I was so incredibly thrilled to be in this piece.

I am pleased to say there are a good number of really amazing works in there - making me feel all the more privileged for being a part of it.

Were I not already getting a copy for free, I'd definitely buy it.

Beth and I are on pages 19 through 21, and the preview starts at chapter 6, so unfortunately we are out of the web preview, all the more reason to check it out (you could see my stuff here) - plenty of interesting artists to look through.

Book Cover copyright Ilex Press

Link: The Preview (PDF)

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