Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New art! Bethalynne Bajema!

I am just finishing up that new work for Vernian Process. It has taken many many wonderful years off my life doing so in 24-hour shifts with single-hair brushes and many, many multiple molecule-thin ghostly layers placed carefully in high-detail atop a 48 inch by 24 inch birch wood panel.

Prints will be available - as soon as I scrape together the many hundreds it takes me for photographing, and color matching/proofing.

... which may take a little while longer as we are still gathering funds for paper and marker with which to write "Providence Rhode Island or Bust!" on, so we can spend less time standing by the highway and more time being abducted by cannibalistic hillbillies.

So, since I have nothing new of my own to share just this second:

Beth makes all manner of interesting things in her strange, unique, and wonderful ways.

Her unique combination of pencil, pen, and digital multimedia works come in hundreds of flavors, many of which taste like Cthulhu.

You can see more of her work, on her blog, which I designed much better than my blog... My blog gets replaced as soon as I can get rid of the google ads, which will happen as soon as I make up all the time they have uglied up my site count for something, in the form of a check hopefully.

Beth's Site:

Outdated Teaser Photo of coming V/P painting:

Machine bears

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