Friday, January 9, 2009


... for lack of a better name, I don't think it would actually crawl on its eyeball.

The unfinished product. Finished pics at my Flickr account.

This is my second clay sculpture ever. The third is light years beyond this one, and in the works.

What I am loving about sculpture is that I do not have to think too much on lighting, reflection, and shading - most of it is done of course by it being a 3-d object already, and I am finding that I can do this stuff well enough that making sculptures is much quicker than making sketches and designs to work from.

I had forgotten how much I liked sculpting.

When I was a kid, I must have split my thumb open about fifty times making a huge wooden dragon with 8 legs, 3 heads, 4 wings, feathered bodies and feathered wings and highly detailed features down to the pointy teeth and claws. I was actually always better at sculpting than I was drawing - and from the way the piece after this one is coming along, I think I can easily and quickly get there again... and this ceramic clay is much easier than wood.

This might soon become a part of my process for making paintings.

2. earth tones added

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