Monday, February 16, 2009

Quick News

The site will be undergoing some serious revisions shortly. I have put off a redesign for a while now, but I need to drop my google ads and replace them with something better.

I also need to upgrade, re-install, and rewrite some of my plugins and other things, update links for broken videos in my player, and most importantly - make this thing more roomy and easier to read.

In the next few weeks, this site may revert to the default templates, looking very very plain. It might even present itself incorrectly or broken for a few seconds or minutes here or there, as I will likely make an oops here or there. There are a lot of changes to be made. I am going to miss this design, but hopefully the upcoming one is more striking and easier to navigate and read. This might even force me to fill in some of those much-neglected sections.

The current sale - extended till New Years, then renewed up to Valentines day, will end on March 1st. I need to return a lot of things to their normal prices, putting new and different things on sale soon after.

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