Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Regarding Templecon

Things have been a bit rough this past month, as I am sure they have been for most everyone.

I hate updating when I am in a negative mood, but I do need to say we won't be at Templecon this year.

The event organizer has been nothing short of wonderful, and she has worked hard on making this what should be an incredible event. We would love to have gone, but things have been increasingly rough for us, as I am sure they have been for everyone.

It would be terribly irresponsible, if not completely self-destructive, for us to try to make this trip right now. There are car issues which we could not resolve in time, and the area hotels were all too expensive for our budget.

For those who are going. We are sad that we have to miss this chance to see you. It would have been so nice to meet you in person, and put some names to some faces, icons, and those interesting letters made from torn magazine covers.

This has been a terrible year for making plans. Though I would love to get out and be more social, I think the best path to take from here is to make no more plans until the white death is off the ground, and until things start to look more promising for all of us. Having been trapped here so long, with limited resources, I've taken to eating hapless humans - again; I have been told that the increase in nervous and slightly hostile energy makes me a bit difficult to be around right now.

For the next months, we will likely be focusing only on regional and local events.

Look for us to be on the road again in March or April - I think S.P.A.C.E might end up being our first haul of the year, but we are pulling for an appearance in NYC at a gallery T.B.A.

Again, sorry for our absense. We do hope to see you very soon.

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